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Note from AzCA President Christina Paschall

Dear AzCA Members and Colleagues,

As members of the Arizona branch of the American Counselors Association and colleagues dedicated to the profession of counseling, it’s our mission to ensure your voice is heard in legislation that affects our profession. Members from both the United States Senate and House of Representatives will be voting this week on a final version of the tax bill.

There are two provisions found within the final tax bill that would have negative consequences for the counseling profession

Repeal of the individual healthcare mandate - Experts have estimated that a repeal of this mandate would result in 13 million less people obtaining health insurance, which would raise existing healthcare premiums by at least 10 %.  Both of these consequences would result in less mental health care for a large amount of Americans

Repeal of the medical expense deduction - Many of the clients that counselors see are currently able to deduct the cost of their medical expenses from their taxes.  If this deduction was repealed then it could hinder clients from receiving all necessary treatment

Please tell your congressional member that these two provisions should not be included in the final tax bill

Thank you for your attention to this matter.

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Christina Paschall, AzCA President    

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