Government Relations

The Arizona Counseling Association (AzCA) is closely watching the changes made in the state that affect the counseling profession. With a Legislative & Government Relations Committee and Registered Lobbyist, AzCA advocates by collaborating with the Arizona Behavioral Health Board as well as speaking for or against legislative changes that impact the field.


One of the many member benefits is having ONE unified voice. The goal is to ensure that the needs in the field are being met. In the past, AzCA has supported changes that advance our profession, including bills regarding licensure laws. We also opposed changes that go against the American Counseling Association’s code of ethics.  >> View the ACA Code of Ethics <<


By working with clients, members, governing boards, and legislative representatives, we can unite with one common agenda that preserves the integrity of the mental health field.


Take Action - HB2406

AzCA HB2406 Fact Sheet

On January 18, the Arizona House introduced HB2406, which would eliminate the Board of Behavioural Health Examinars and ELIMINATE the licensing requirements for mental health counselors. AzCA is working with ACA and other related professional organizations to kill this bill. Please keep an eye for emails from us on action items to help us with this task. 

January 18, 2018: House Bill 2406 - HB2406 As Introduced

HB 2406 would eliminate the Board of Behavioral Health Examiners and licensing requirements for mental health counselors and several related professions.

To become a licensed counselor in Arizona you have to earn at least a masters from an accredited college or university and complete two years of postgraduate supervised training. These licensure requirements apply to drug and alcohol counselors, school counselors, marriage and family counselors, child and adolescent counselors, and numerous other specialties.

In addition, one must be licensed to work with patients through the Veterans Administration and TRICARE, and without a license you cannot be reimbursed by Medicaid or by most insurance companies. Which means most patients would have to pay out of pocket for their mental health services.

Oppose HB 2406. 


Take action by contacting the AzCA to see how you can get involved.

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